Manual St Katherine (Catherine) of Alexandria: A Saint for Soldiers

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Having received an angry refusal, the emperor gave orders to subject the saint to terrible tortures and then throw her in prison.

Catherine of Alexandria

The Empress Augusta, who had heard much about the saint, wanted to see her. Having prevailed upon the military-commander Porphyry to accompany her with a detachment of soldiers, Augusta went to the prison. The empress was impressed by the strong spirit of St. Catherine, whose face glowed with Divine grace. The holy martyr explained the Christian teaching to the newly-arrived, and they in believing were converted to Christ.

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On the following day they again brought the martyr to the judgement court where, under the threat of being broken on the wheel, they urged that she recant from the Christian faith and offer sacrifice to the gods. The saint steadfastly confessed Christ and she herself approached the wheels; but an angel smashed the instruments of execution, which broke up into pieces with many pagans passing nearby.

Having beheld this wonder, the empress Augusta and the imperial courtier Porphyry with soldiers confessed their faith in Christ in front of everyone, and they were beheaded. Maximinus again tried to entice the holy martyr, proposing marriage to her, and again he received a refusal. Catherine firmly confessed her fidelity to the heavenly Bridegroom, Christ, and with a prayer to him she herself put her head on the block under the sword of the executioner. The relics of St. Catherine were taken by the angels to Mount Sinai. In the 9th or 10th century, through a revelation, the incorrupt relic of the holy martyress were found and transferred with honour to the church of Sinai monastery , built by the holy emperor Justinian the Great in the 6th century.

To this day, the Great Martyr's venerable head and left hand are presented for veneration by the Fathers of the Holy Monastery for the veneration of the faithful. Some believe that St.

Bride of Christ, St. Catherine of Alexandria — Friends of Mount Sinai Monastery

Catherine along with St. Mercurius the Great-martyr was celebrated originally on November 24 , whereas the holy Hieromartyrs Clement of Rome and Peter of Alexandria were celebrated on the 25th. The belief that St. Catherine's feast day was changed to November 25 at the request of the Church and Monastery of Sinai , so that the festival of Catherine, their patron , might be celebrated more festively together with the leavetaking of the Presentation of the Theotokos , is contradicted by original documents at the Sinai Monastery.

The Slavic churches, however, continue to commemorate these saints on the dates as mentioned above. Please consider supporting OrthodoxWiki. Holy Transfiguration Monastery, p. Her feast day is Nov. Her patronage includes students, unmarried girls, apologists and many more as well as many places around the world. Little is known about St.

Matthew, except that he was the son of Alpheus, and he was likely born in Galilee. He worked as a tax collector, which was a hated profession during the time of Learn about the lives of the saints and other saint resources, including a calendar, over 5, saint biographies, our most popular saints, and a list of patron saints.

Katharine Drexel is the second American-born saint to be canonized by the Catholic Church.

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This amazing woman was an heiress to a large bequest who became a religious sister and a brilliant educator. Katherine was born in Philadelphia on November 26, , the Saint Michael the Archangel isn't a saint, but rather he is an angel, and the leader of all angels and of the army of God. This is what the title "Archangel" means, that he is above all the others in rank. Michael has four main responsibilities or offices, as we Gabriel is an angel who serves as a messenger for God to certain people.

He is one of the three archangels. Gabriel is mentioned in both the Old and the New Testaments of the Bible. First, in the Old Testament, Gabriel appears to the prophet Daniel to explain his She is also recognized as the Great Martyr and Saint by Catherine was born in Florence in Her baptismal name was Alexandrina, but she took the name of Catherine upon entering religion. From her earliest infancy she manifested a great love of prayer, and in her sixth year, her father placed her in the convent of A personal encounter with Mother Alphonse Marie Eppinger inspired "conversions which were far more miraculous than the raising of the dead," recounted her spiritual director, Father Jean-David Reichard.

The nineteenth century French mystic and religious founder was Reading 1, Ephesians 4: Matthew, except that he The California Network Inspiring streaming service.

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St. Catherine of Alexandria

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November 25 Patron of students, unmarried girls, apologists Birth: Catherine of Pallanza St. Catherine of Alexandria Comments. Prayer to Holy St. Sterling Silver Oval Shaped St. Sterling Silver Round Shaped St. Saint of the Day St. Matthew Little is known about St. Saint of the Day by E-Mail Learn about the lives of the saints and other saint resources, including a calendar, over 5, saint biographies, our most popular saints, and a list of patron saints. Jeanne-Elisabeth Bichier de Ages St.

Jane Frances de Chantal Bl. Jeanne Jugan All Female Saints. Michael the Archangel Saint Michael the Archangel isn't a saint, but rather he is an angel, and the leader of all angels and of the army of God. Gabriel, the Archangel St. Do they really exist?