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These include fantasy novels, comic books, films, musical compositions, and a remarkably diverse range of other objects. The collection continues to grow at a steady pace, often leading me to marvel at the extent to which Beowulf has permeated twentieth- and twenty-first-century Anglophone culture. I welcome your comments and questions, which may be addressed to me at johnwsutton44 gmail. Adapted from the work of W. The story is broken up into brief chapters that follow the narrative of the poem, but with a few exceptions: The story is set during the London Blitz of World War II, and the characters are residents of a London neighborhood that is under constant threat of German bombardment; their "mascot" is a plaster bulldog named Beowulf.

Symbolically, the neighbors represent the denizens of Heorot, while the German bombers—striking at night with invincible force and wreaking massive destruction—stand for Grendel. Eaters of the Dead: The enemy here is not a single monster named Grendel, but a barbaric race called the "wendol," whom Crichton depicts as a group of Neanderthals that survived for thousands of years longer than others of their species. See also The 13th Warrior. Unlike the other writers who have adapted the Finnsburg narrative see here and here , Dickerson casts the Frisians, not the Half-Danes, as the protagonists.

The tale ends with the death of the heroic king Finn at the hands of Hengest, but we are left with the sense that the coming of Christianity will reform this culture of destructive feuding; Hildeburh, the heroine, is herself baptized late in the novel. Tiger Books International, It is the first of 16 such tales in a volume that purports to be a collection of British myths, but is actually a miscellany of medieval hero tales others include Roland, Robin Hood, Cuchulain, etc. By telling a Grendel-centered story, Gardner helps to humanize the monster. Grendel has become a springboard for those who seek to use this character as a subversive figure who can question traditional beliefs and values.

See also Grendel Grendel Grendel. The Tower of Beowulf. William Morrow and Company, Inc. Grendel, meanwhile, is heavily based upon Gardner's conception of the monster; he is the bastard son of the Danish king Scyld and the demigoddess Sigyn, daughter of the trickster god Loki. A Cyberpunk Version of the Beowulf Legend.

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Who's Afraid of Beowulf? It tells of a young American archaeologist who accidentally awakens a Viking warlord and his band of retainers; humorous misadventures ensue as the archaeologist and her new friends race to save the world from a wizard whom the Viking lord knew in his former days.

Based on the screenplay by Neil Gaiman and Roger Avary. Guide Dog To the Blind. When Stuart goes blind, Beowulf must become his guide. The novel is quite a paean to seeing-eye dogs. Alan Sutton Publishing, ; rpt. Glover's version of Beowulf keeps to the main plot of the three monster battles Grendel, Grendel's Mother, and the dragon. Sheila Mackie accompanies the text with illustrations based upon Sutton Hoo motifs, while Magnusson provides a literary and historical introduction.

The stories are science-fiction, but they make some use of Beowulfian themes. The Legacy of Heorot. See also Beowulf's Children. We return to the planet years later and find a stark generation gap between the original settlers those who survived the battles against the grendels in Legacy and their teenaged children, who resent and distrust the ways of their elders. The grendels remain an ever-present threat, but the greatest danger the colony faces comes from within.

Tales of the Heroic Ages: Illustrated by George T.

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The Beowulf adaptation is a prose rendition that follows the basic plot of the poem. The Hobbit, or There and Back Again. The most overt debt of this book first published in to Beowulf can be seen when Bilbo sneaks into the lair of the dragon Smaug to pilfer treasure on behalf of his dwarven employers. See also The Lord of the Rings. The Lord of the Rings. Beowulf has an extensive supporting role as a rather unheroic pirate-king. King Arthur also makes an appearance in this surprisingly excellent amalgamation of Celtic and Norse traditions.

The immortal Beowulf out of work since his license to practice heroism was revoked is recruited by an organization called the Saint George Group and given the opportunity to resume his career as a monster-slayer. Beowulf then heads to Montana to find out why all the citizens of a small village have committed suicide. He ultimately discovers that his own son, fathered centuries ago in Gaul, is responsible for the deaths. Both men are in the same helicopter as it crashes into the ocean, but the book ends with Beowulf unsure that his evil son perished.

Children's Books Beaty, John O. Swords in the Dawn: A Story of The First Englishmen. Illustrated by Henry C. Longmans, Green and Co. See also The Finnsburg Encounter: A Novel and Hengest's Tale. Brady transposes the Grendel story from Hrothgar's Denmark to King Edwin's Northumbria northern England , and the action takes place during the conversion of the English to Christianity.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Random House, ; rpt. Seuss's most famous characters: Schichler, "Understanding the Outsider: American Book Company, A notable feature of this author's work is that he sprinkles passages from early verse translations of Beowulf throughout his prose account. Guerber's retelling is clearly intended as more of a detailed plot summary than a typical story, however; consider it a nineteenth-century Cliffs Notes version of Beowulf.

By His Own Might: The Battles of Beowulf. Illustrated by Laszlo Matulay. Holt, Rinehart and Winston, ; rpt. Illustrated by Laszlo Gal. Groundwood Books, ; rpt. Later, when Wiglaf is a member of Beowulf's band, he accompanies the king on his final journey to face the dragon. Illustrated by Leonard Everett Fisher. Farrar, Straus and Giroux, This Grendel, before losing his arm to the hero, first tempts him with promises of treasures.

Illustrated by Rob McCaig. The 8x11 pages are filled with colorful illustrations, over which the text is superimposed. Grendel appears as a gigantic green reptilian creature with the obligatory loincloth.

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The plot deviates from the poem in a few ways, most notably in that Grendel's Mother carries off Beowulf himself not Hrothgar's friend Aeschere to her lair, where she prepares to boil him in her cauldron. Beowulf kills her with a giant's sword, as in the poem, but here the sword is identified as Grendel's. The New Kid At School. The Dragon Slayers' Academy, book 1. Illustrated by Bill Basso. Grosset and Dunlap, The hero of this series is named Wiglaf, a likable but often befuddled young pupil at the Academy. See also A Wedding for Wiglaf? A Wedding for Wiglaf? The Dragon Slayers' Academy, book 4.

Hill and Wang, ; rpt. Bantam Doubleday Dell, The book is notable mainly for a plot twist at the end, in which Beowulf kills the dragon using a swarm of bees. Illustrated by Troy Howell. Osborne's retelling covers only the events from the appearance of Grendel to Beowulf's departure after the death of Grendel's Mother. Illustrated by Jean Margrie. See also Swords in the Dawn: Beowulf and the Monster. Illustrated by Chris Riddell.

Scholastic Children's Books, The tunnel to her underwater stronghold is blocked by three huge, magical boulders; each of these rocks tests Beowulf with a riddle before he can pass. When the hero slays the Hag with a shard of human bone, he drags the carcasses of both monsters to the surface for all to behold. Beowulf and the Dragon. Illustrated by Simon Noyes. The author also includes some background information on Anglo-Saxon England that is aimed at the book's young readers.

Educational Publishing Company, Grendel attacks Hrothgar's people, Beowulf learns of this and proves his valor in a swimming match against Breca, and then the hero travels to Denmark to defeat the monster and his mother. The Story of Beowulf. Illustrated by Henry A. A Hero's Tale Retold.

Houghton Mifflin Company, The book features watercolor illustrations on every page. Illustrated by Robert Ingpen. Millennium Books Pty Ltd, ; rpt. The Beowulf tale also features two beautiful full-page illustrations: The Heroic Deeds of Beowulf. Illustrated by Walter Ferro. It depicts the events from the building of Heorot up to Beowulf's coronation as king of the Geats.

Oxford University Press, ; rpt. The Adventures of Wishbone 1. Big Red Chair Books, Grindle and her terrifying bulldog. Illustrated by Charles Keeping. Bodley Head, ; rpt. Illustrated by Justin Gerard. The Adventures of Beowulf. Horace Marshall and Son, ; rpt. The text is complemented by a few black-and-white illustrations and photographs e. Comic Books Antczak, Stephen L.

Bassett, and Andy Lee. The premise of the series set in modern-day New York is that an alarming number of ordinary people have spontaneously developed superhuman powers. Meanwhile, the immortal hero Wulf awaits the coming of a cataclysmic threat and helps the emerging 'supers' as well as he can—just as the shadowy Knights of the Blood try to control or destroy them. Unfortunately, only seven issues were produced before Speakeasy Comics shut down operations in early Kid Beowulf is intended as a comedy, but the jokes routinely fall flat; even so, Fajardo has certainly succeeded in creating a unique re-imagining of the poem.

Gustovich, Mike, and Mike Gorman. Noble Comics Group, Each issue covers one of the major battle episodes Grendel, Grendel's Mother, the dragon , and each is drawn in a distinctly different artistic style. The hardcover reprint adds extra luster to this superb comic book adaptation.

The story takes place in an alternate universe with highly advanced technology.

Beowulf, the whole story(long)

In the first three issues, we learn that the cunning Hrothgar has united the nations of the world, but he is unable to defeat Grendel; he recruits Beowulf, the hard-bitten leader of a mercenary team, to assist him. At the end of each issue, the authors provide lengthy excerpts from Francis Gummere's famous translation The third and fourth issues contain essays discussing, respectively, Beowulf adaptations in film and in comic books. Beowulf's adventures in this series, while ludicrous, today might be enjoyed as campy fun. The comic depicts a horned-helmeted Beowulf who fights against the minions of Satan including a Gardner-inspired Grendel alongside his band of companions and his Amazonian sidekick Nan-Zee.

In his wanderings he also battles enemies ranging from Dracula to aliens in flying saucers. The first Grendel storyline tells of a child prodigy named Hunter Rose who adopts the pseudonym Grendel and rises to prominence as a fearsome assassin. Home Groups Talk Zeitgeist. The 12 Days of LT scavenger hunt is going on. Can you solve the clues? I Agree This site uses cookies to deliver our services, improve performance, for analytics, and if not signed in for advertising.

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This is a children's book written at the level of "Dick and Jane", but likely aimed at much at adults as children. It has cartoons on the right-hand page, and simple text on the left, telling the Grendel story. The blurbs on the back are part of the fun. It's a novelty, and as such, not bad. EowynA Oct 2,