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Furthermore, these charge-to-mass ratios did not differ by more than parts per billion in Earth's gravitational field. This means the weak equivalence principle, which holds that all matter falls at the same rate in the same gravitational field, also holds at this level of accuracy. The weak equivalence principle is a keystone of Einstein's theory of general relativity, which among other things is the best explanation so far of how gravity works. No known violations of the weak equivalence principle exist, and any detected violations of it could lead to a revolution in science's understanding of gravity and space-time, and how both relate to matter and energy.

Using more stable magnetic fields and other approaches, the scientists plan to achieve measurements that are at least 10 times more precise than what they found so far, Ulmer said. The scientists detailed their latest findings online Aug. Choi is a contributing writer for Live Science and Space. He covers all things human origins and astronomy as well as physics, animals and general science topics.

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Charles has visited every continent on Earth, drinking rancid yak butter tea in Lhasa, snorkeling with sea lions in the Galapagos and even climbing an iceberg in Antarctica. Choi, Live Science Contributor August 12, Perfect mirror images The scientists found the charge-to-mass ratio of protons and antiprotons "is identical to within just 69 parts per trillion," Ulmer said in a statement. As Kerrod classifies galaxies by shape and discusses how difficult it is to spot extrasolar planets, he can't help but express his belief that the universe contains "other planetary systems like our own.

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This book is worth a spot on the coffee table or bookshelf even. Other than a few glaring mistakes they missed in the editing like saying the Virgo Supercluster of Galaxies is only light years across - pg. Just keep in mind it is long on great photos and a little brief on some topics.

Excellent layout that will please both deep sky explorers and planetary "nuts" alike. Divided into 6 chapters each with its focus on one area ie. Galaxies, Solar System, Cosmology and the afterwards about the Hubble Space Telescope history was very interesting and replete with pictures also. What I liked best was how the text with the pictures added rather than detracted from the whole reading experience. Due to conservation of energy - is if the battery contained all the energy of the entire universe, which it did not. Or do I have to prove it didn't?

Since lasers are also particles, which Joe should know it will defy Law 6, because it is reflected. Thank you for your interest in this question. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count.

Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. How do you prove that mirrors aren't parallel universes? For each one orientation of a mirror rotated spherically or in 3D space there is exactly one universe perfectly symmetrical to our own. There are infinite orientations possible in a sphere, so there are infinite universes parallel to our own. Why not just have one mirror universe?

Why do we need infinite parallel ones? Because moving an entire universe when you pick up a mirror seems like a lot more work then connecting to a bunch of other ones Law of Non-Uniqueness: Every universe began at the same time and progressed in the exact same way, with the exception of being "flipped" as we observe in a reflection.

That means we are nothing special. The line of symmetry in each case is defined by the mirror itself. Law of Congruent Copies: Changing the orientation of a mirror links to another exact replica of that mirror universe - they are all congruent to each other through transitivity Law of Interaction: Law of Weak Reflectional Attraction: A weak force along the mirror accounts for substances "stuck" to each other across the threshhold.

Hubble: The Mirror on the Universe: Robin Kerrod: Books

This is why mirrors can be dirty: Law of Rigidity and Flatness: Boundaries such as funhouse mirrors or reflections in water serve only as distorted windows; they must be flat and rigid to allow actual interaction. Law of Heat Transfer: The medium of the mirror metal, etc moderates heat transfer, which is why you don't feel immediate warmth when you touch a mirror with your hand. Law of Medium Maintenance: That which would break the mirror surface due to pressure or momentum will do so before trying to pass through. Each new shard is its own boundary.

Her demonstration produces results that would be different if there were multiple, congruent universes bound by mirrors for example hitting the mirror with something that should have gone through if there were actually an alternative universe on the other side What does Rita do? Zxyrra 1 6 You don't - we all know that mirrors are parallel universes. Surely this is simple. Just ask yourself in the mirror if you strive for world domination. If you and your mirror-self agree on the answer then it must be a mirror. Not reputed enough to actually answer but - law 6 indicates that the only reason why matter cannot pass is that it is blocked by the same amount of matter with the same force passing through the other side.

Also we can see the other side to electromagnetism seems to come through. I would argue that gravitational force would come through as well, thus turning the mirror to the ground would quickly result in potential cataclysmic event with 2 very close parallel Earths starting to pull each other with their gravitational fields. DarrenH Tell your mirror counterpart: With the bare minimal force required to not drop it, Rita holds a refrigerator magnet — not the lame flexible ones that just stick to a fridge, the good ones that can actually hold papers and photos — up against the mirror.

If there were different universes, this would be placing the pole of two magnets against each other. Joe might argue that Law 7, or Rita's grip itself, still explains this. I agree that something would happen! I marked your answer up and think it's great! Jay But magnets aren't blocked by mirror glass. Not even when backed by an equal thickness of laminate wood. A perfect mirror gamma waves to DC would be a superconductor, and the magnet would repel its reflection.

If Joe were right, The handy vampire would pass through the mirror, because of a lack of reflections in the other universes, but alas, they cannot, and so they just hit their head. I'd be somewhat concerned if many people consider this a common household object. Certainly a common household item. Law 10 now clearly precludes this. In either case now a head bonk is forthcoming. If mirrors are portals to other universes, and vampires don't appear in mirrors, then the simplest explanation is that we can only see vampires from our own universe. Rita's counterpart actually is throwing a counterpart vampire into the mirror, but Rita and Joe can't see him, just as their counterparts can't see the vampire that Rita is throwing.

Does that make any less sense than the idea that we can see vampires but not vampire reflections? This works because Mirrors are not windows to other worlds, otherwise the waves would go to these worlds. Oriol 1, 4 They may be coming from the parallel universe? They couldn't go outside the cube in our universe. Should be a battery operated wifi access point then like a smartphone with wifi hotspot turned on. The point is fully enclosing some 3D space between mirrors. So the wifi AP would need some kind of power also stored inside the cube.

An UPS would work, or devices with their own battery like smartphones or laptops. Joe says "Each mirror Not certain, special mirrors; just, "mirrors" — that implies he means all generic optical mirrors, not just special kinds or certain types. Answers that rely on specialness of the mirror to work should be suspect. In a multi-universe scenario, the WiFi signals are trapped in the cube in all 6 universes; you get no signal outside.

How about Putting a mirror in front of another mirror. Or just the fact that you see an infinite repeated series of mirrors. If a mirror only made a single parallel universe, you'd have two extra universes with two mirrors, not an infinity of them. They would not reflect infinitely because parallel universe mirrors do not reflect. But there's nothing special about your universe, it is just one of the infinite parallel universes.

So if you in universe A hold a mirror to show this effect, you are basically seeing a parallel universe B with another you holding a mirror showing you parallel universe C, and he can see your mirror showing him parallel universe D.

Mystery Deepens: Matter and Antimatter Are Mirror Images

A simple way for her to disprove this is to use another mirror. Someone just ripoff my answer then get all the upvotes and I get downvotes? I don't think this works. There are two sets of infinite universes of each chirality. The object would be reflected as expected anyway. This would not demonstrate the case.

Not any angle would work, though; 'mirror A' doesn't have to lead to the same universe every time. If you see a copy of mirror A in mirror B, that copy could just lead to a fourth universe if the angle isn't right. But all the mirror will reflect. You won't have a situation like you describe where there is something that is not reflected.

This answer seems convincing, but I do not see why the green and pink universes should be linked. I agree that at the black line separating them there is a mirror in the green universe and a mirror in the pink universe, but I see no reason for these two mirrors to be connected. If the mirror was a window, then Now where do you get a You grab a screwdriver and pick apart Mad Physicist 4.

MichaelK 2 8. Zxyrra It will take some tinkering but she can use the microwave oven's magnetron for that. Magnetron on one side, a glass of water on the other. If the water heats up then the photons have passed through the mirror. And here is how you create a DIY particle accelerator. Sure, it will take a trip to the store Still not really a standalone household object eventhough I like the idea!

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This answer was perfectly valid before the edit to the question which added rule 10, nullifying this method. This mainly takes advantage of Rule 6: Rita picks up and uses A brick or any other handy, rather heavy object Because If Joe were right, another brick from the mirror universe should be thrown with velocity and trajectory identical but mirrored to the real world. Instead The brick would impact the mirror, breaking it apart with a lovely smashing sound. Essentially Rule number 6 should cause a congruent brick from the mirror universe to stop the original brick form impacting the mirror.

X 2 9. The brick pushes the glass along ahead of it, so it never actually passes through.